Zen poems

by Dr. Tienzen (Jeh-Tween) Gong


The Tiny Timid Little Bit

By the Tree of Life,
Stood God's curse, the Tree of Knowledge.
God pronounced, "Forbidden to taste it,"
the Only Sign of their obedience.

Had not tasted the Tree of Knowledge,
Adam and Eve destined to fall
Into a pit of ignorance.
Paradoxical, isn't it?

Foreknown the success of Satan's Act,
God thus commanded still.
Big joke, isn't it?

Nay! There is a "Tiny Timid Little Bit," the conscience,
A Godsend gift, planted in Adam and Eve.
They conscientiously knew the difference between God's
Command and Satan's Whisper.
Difference they knew, indeed.

The virtue turned into vice,
The vice was dignified.
The Tree of Knowledge is now a System,
A gate named Methodology,
A gate keeper named Peer Review.
The Peers there sit in Council.
The Heavenly Truth is not true, until
The System has ordained it.
Mathematicians speak truths no more, playing symbols, they content.
Philosophers speak truths no more, playing words, they content.
Theologians speak truths no more, praying prayers, they content.

The Heavenly Truth is not true, unless
It is ordained by the System.
There is no place left in the Kingdom of Truth for
The Tiny Timid Little Bit.
Shamed, defeated, out casted, the Tiny Timid Little Bit
Sought sanctuary at the bottom, bottom,
Bottom of our hearts.
Paradise lost, so were the truths.

Yet, all is not lost.
The worst is not the worst if we know it is the worst.
Now to System we yield, shall rise Victorious.

With the Tiny Timid Little Bit,
We are made Just and Right,
Sufficient to have stood, though free to fall.
Freely we stood who stood, and fell who fell.

The Tiny Timid Little Bit
Never to submit nor to yield.
Heavenly wisdom shall outdo the earthly System.
The hard will not be hardened,
The blind will not be blinded more.
Ascend to Heaven's height from the bottom of our hearts,
Views all things at one view!
Paradise regained, so are the truths.

No mathematics, no difficult physics,
You understand the utmost truth with
Your Tiny Timid Little Bit.

For sixteen billion years, the Heavenly truth stood, alone.
No one knew about it,
It did not care to be known.

That truth is not hard,
Our faculty has the ability to know it.
Otherwise, all efforts must be in vain.
The truth is not hard, is just unknown.
To accross the Atlantic is not hard,
It was unknown before Columbus,
It was unknown before Lindbergh.
When one can do it, so can all.

The truth itself is not hard,
Just hard to discover it.
To find the right path is hard.
Other people's error is the most valuable.
Other's error, I respect.
Other's error, I worship.

Email, a godsend gift always.
No resonance, delete it with an easy click.
Any tiny bit of inspiration, it shows me with
Overwhelming joy.
If you see yourself as a victim of an email,
Forward it to:
Let our paths never cross again.

The truth itself is not hard.
The gate of our heart is hard.
Do we have the room in our heart for other's ignorance?
Ignorance today, could turn into a gem tomorrow!

The truth itself is not hard.
To open our heart, hard, hard, hard.

Show must go on

Is the End
The pot of gold at the end of rainbow?
Or, the burst of a fanciful bubble?

The physics cannot be ended.
Over a million physicists' pay check must not be ended.
Billions, billions dollars of budget cannot be ended.
Show must go on!

Einstein was great!
Relativity theories did not end the physics.
Nobelists' theories are great!
They always demand new budgets.
Show must go on!

Any final truth must be horrible!
The Final must not mean to be an end.
Show must go on!

The final truth must be incomprehensible!
Incomprehensible: intelligently, emotionally, subconsciously.
Show must go on!

A comprehensible final truth?
Nay, never, never, nevermore.
It is simple, understandable.
Nay, it must be mystic, mystical non-science.
It must be esoteric, occult.
Show must go on!

Truth (Heavenly or not) can never be a truth if it is not accepted.
Truth can only be accepted if it is reachable
From the place I stand.
Yes, Yes,..., only from the place I... stand.
Prehaps, the place I choose to stand.

It can calculate Alpha (Electron fine structure constant).
So what?
It can reproduce Quark Theory.
So what?
This new physics can give rise to life.
So what?
It can unify the physical universe with the moral world.
So what?

It is the end of physics!
Ha! It must not be!
Ha! It cannot be!
Show must go on!

The End must be incomprehensible!
The End is the greatest Sin
Which is untouchable,
Show must go on!

We are what we want to be.
Show can always go on!

A beautiful new language

Truth can, of course, be ignored.
But, truth will never, never, never fade away.

Romeo and Juliet, a beautiful play.
The Raven, a moving poem.
Yet, a ransom note, a blackmail can be
Written with the same English language.
Must a language be beautiful before it can create beautiful verses?

All computers can be designed and programmed with binary language.
The validity of binary language need not be
Proved in a laboratory.
Must a language be true before it can describe truths?

Prequarks, the vocabulary.
Color rules, the grammar.
Together, they form a beautiful language
To describe the Quark Theory.

Is prequark a particle?
Should prequark be verified in a laboratory before it can be
A vocabulary?

Describe the Quark Theory and beyond fully, it can.
A language demands respect on its own right,
Even if its physical existence cannot be
Tested in a laboratory.
Above the reach of current methodology and epistemology,
There sit yet many mysteries.

Truth can, of course, be ignored.
Yet, it will never, never, never fade away.

Middle ground, there always has.
Conciliatory, a virtue for all human dealings.
Honesty, sincerity, traits of human supreme.
Cooperating, collaborating, let us be.

A new brave universe

If Walt Disney were ignored,
We would have been denied of a wonderful universe,
The cartoon world.

If Shakespeare were ignored,
We would have been denied of a towering light tower
In our literary universe.

A small, tiny hint is all that scientists need
To come up a wonderful idea,
To theorize a beautiful universe.

Being able to reconstruct the Quark Theory,
Prequarks are much, much more than a hint.

Many, many of us would have roamed in a beautiful prequark universe
Since a quarter century ago, if ...
Many, many of us would have ascended to a towering height, if ...

Today, no conclave nor any peer Council can block
The flow of ideas anymore.

We ignore it;
It just simply denies us a wonderful universe.
Yet, enter into a new brave world together,
We can,
And we will.