A new Epistemology

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Part eight

Can God be understood?

The Fictitious Universe Epistemology is able to:
  1. Reproduce all physics laws.
  2. Construct a TOE machine which is able to construct a TOE (Theory of Everything).
Can we understand God after all issues listed above are understood? Well, you will be the judge for this. My book The Divine Constitution might be able to provide some helps.

From: Tienzen (Jeh-Tween) Gong
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Date: Wed, 13 Dec 2000 16:28:59 -0500
From: Vladimir Bondarenko, vbond@atmosp.physics.utoronto.ca
To: World Community of Physicists and Philosophers
Dear Colleagues,

Thank you for inviting me to collaborate with World Community of Physicists and Philosophers.
I would like to resume my membership in the WCPP and participate in the fruitful discussions.
With Christmas Greetings and all Good Wishes for the New Year.
Yours sincerely,
Dr. V.Bondarenko.

From: Werner Luxbacher, w.luxbacher@kabsi.at
Date: Sun Dec 3, 2000 12:30pm
Subject: Re: A new Epistemology 5

Hi Tienzen,
Thank you for Formalization of an odd problem, and congratulations on it. I like it very much. It contains a lot that I find interesting, and exceedingly little that I should have preferred to see handled otherwise. I want you to add a valid Ethic in terms of contemporary Philosophy to your Universe.................As it stands, It`s would be of use trying to square this circle............Best wishes.

A new Epistemology

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