A new Epistemology

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Part two

4) Reproduce the known physics (I) --- meeting the standard:

5) The Fictitious Universe:
Now, a Fictitious Universe (FU) can be constructed with the following seven arbitrary schemes.

Well, these are all we need to construct a Fictitious Universe, and no more.

Now, we are able to derive many laws for this Fictitious Universe, the FU laws. Of course, these FU laws have nothing to do with any known physics. However, some comparisons can be made between them.

Reproduce the known physics (II):

6) The beauty contests / wrestling matches:
After "the meeting standards process," the FU physics is no longer an assumption. It has earned its right to enter a contest with the traditional physics.

I am proposing five criteria as the judgement rules for those contests.

Round one: the power of simplicity --- which physics provides a simpler explanation for any given feature of physics.
There are many ways to measure which physics is simpler. However, the easiest way is decided by the audience. Which physics can be understood easier by non-physicists. This TOE e-journal has over 3,300 philosopher readers. They could be the judges for this round on the following issues:

  1. The neutron decay -- for traditional physics, you must understand how a d-quark transforms into a u-quark. For FU physics, you can just follow its simple logic.
    see http://clik.to/NeutronDecay
  2. The Muon decay -- why should it include both electron neutrino and muon neutrino?
    see http://clik.to/NeutronDecay
  3. Why is there uncertainty principle? See "FU law 8" or
  4. The Frictional Quantum Hall Effect

Round two: The power of explanation --- which physics can provide a better explanation for any issue of physics. Round three: the power of unification --- which physics can provide more unifications. Only FU physics can perform the following unifications.
  1. The unification of all forces (including the gravitational force) with a "unified force equation."
    a) This unified force equation also reproduces the uncertainty principle.
    b) It also unifies mass charge and electric charge.
  2. It unifies quark theory with Superstring theory.
  3. It unifies the physics universe and the mathematics universe.
    a) A two code system to represent the computable universe.
    b) The 11-dimension encompasses the non-computable universe.
  4. Unification of physics laws with life forces (intelligence, consciousness, etc.)
  5. Unification of mortal (physics, biology, etc.) world with the immortal (mathematics, God, etc.) world.
Round four: the power of inclusion --- which physics can encompass more of other truths, The following issues are way beyond the scope of traditional physics, but they are all direct consequences of the FU physics.
  1. The rise of moral truths.
  2. The rise of the "first principle of metaphysics." Is creating something from nothing possible?
  3. The rise of physics laws themselves.
  4. The rise of arithmetics in terms of physics laws.
  5. The theological issues: Can God be understood in terms of physics laws?
  6. Can unthinkable (of other methodology) be thinkable with FU epistemology?
Round five: the power of indispensability --- which physics is indispensable.
The following issues cannot be addressed without the FU physics.
  1. The theoretical calculation of electric fine structure constant.
  2. The theoretical calculation of Weak Mixing Angle.
  3. The rise of bio-computer.
  4. Why are there three generations of quark?
  5. The 11 dimensions of universe be visualized.
  6. All unifications listed in Round three.
  7. All issues listed in Round four.
After these five round wrestling matches, the FU physics is now alive regardless of whether it is real or not. If this Fictitious Universe is, indeed, different from the one created by God, we should email Him this FU design as a blue print for His next creation.

With this FU physics, physics is no longer monopolized by physicists. Everyone is now able to understand the true blueprint of the universe from your own base because your knowledge (whatever it is) is part of FU physics.

A new Epistemology

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