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International Society of TOE consists of the followings:

1) A new Epistemology (

  1. Construct a Fictitious Universe with some arbitrary schemes.
  2. Derive some laws for this Fictitious Universe.
  3. Compare those derived laws with known physics.
  4. Use a new epistemology to calculate its truth value.
The validity of this new methodology is hinged on two points.
  1. A meaningful Fictitious Universe can be constructed, and a comparison with the known physics can be made.
  2. A new epistemology must provide a valid calculation for truth values.

2) A Fictitious Universe Physics (

  1. Unification of all physical forces (including the gravity).
  2. Unification of physics laws with life forces (intelligence, consciousness, soul, spirits, etc.).
  3. Unification of mortal (physics, biology, etc.) world with the immortal (mathematics, God, etc.) world.

3) A new Paradigm (

The paradigm of 21th century --- Science is, of course, still one of the truth machine, but it cannot reach the domain of spacelessness or of timelessness which house a huge un-computable universe. The Occam's Happy Coincidence Epistemology (OHC) is the best truth tester. OHC epistemology is able to cover all universes.

4) TOE e-journal: International Society of TOE publishes a TOE e-journal since April, 2000.
Note: Anyone can view the archive. But, you need to join the group in order to receive the e-journal.

5) ISOTOE members -- The TOE e-journal has over 10,000 readers (3,200 philosophers and 7,000 physicists from over 160 countries). For the convenience, they are organized into three groups. Members of these groups can view the member list by going to the following pages:

  1. Group I
  2. Group II
  3. Group III
    Note: You might need to sign up an yahoo id in order to view the list.

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