Unified Theory

Research proposal from Dr. John Buers Awuor

I have read Prequark Theory and wish to express my interest in conducting research in this area.

My Ph.D thesis was on Relativity in Complex Space-Time, part of it being a quantization of gravity via a generalized de Broglie relation. Consequently I have been trying to develop a comprehensive grand unification scheme for all the four forces of nature via quantum mechanics. I believe that a collaborative understanding of Prequark Theory will enable a comprehensive formulation of the unified theory.

Objective: To formulate a generalized quantum theory as a unification scheme for all the four fundamental forces of nature. To test the results of the unified theory for compliance with experimental and observable results.

Starting point: As fundamental revision of spacetime geometry, a complex 8-dimensional configuration is adopted on which the principle of energy conservation is upheld. By demanding a condition of scale equivalence, the Weak Equivalence Principle turns out as a non-trivial mathematical solution in the gravitational domain.

  1. By differential calculus the Lorentz transformations are obtained from a semi-rigid disc configuration but without reference to the speed of light.
  2. Due to the invariance of the tangential speed on the disc an expression for gravitational acceleration is obtained that exposes the relativity of gravity and its dependence on reference length scales.
  3. The reference dependent expression of gravity further guarantees a quantization scheme with a generalized de Broglie relation as a special relativistic form whose counterpart in general relativity is the Bohr quantization criterion for angular momentum. So far, this reference dependent gravity conforms to the well known Uncertainty Principle, the black hole structure, bending of light by gravity, the perihelic motion of planet Mercury, Bohr correspondence principle and the gravitational red-shifting of light, among others.
  4. On application to cosmology, the complex geometry provides for a manifestation of antigravity as the cause for the Big Bang giving rise to a Universe of composite space-time curvature.

Scope of the research:

  1. To develop a realistic space-time geometry that is consistent with observation.
  2. To unify all the four forces of nature via quantum mechanics.
  3. To investigate the role of antigravity in the observable universe.
  4. To integrate the successes of Quark and Prequark theories with the Big Bang perspective of antigravity.
  5. To investigate Dr. Tienzen Gong's Unified Force Equation F (Unified) = (K h) / (delta T * delta S)

Expected results:

  1. A consistent and unified theory based on a generalized formulation of quantum mechanics.
  2. A prediction of the fate of the Universe.
  3. A comprehensive and comparative presentation of the perspectives of quantum gravity.